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IMOW is online

On November 11th 2015, ceremony of company's E-commerce affiliate IMOW become online active in Anji Huzhou.

This is a nontrivial morning. The first registered IMOW sales partners gather together for the ceremony.

IMOW partners walked through the red carpet hallway, rose to the 4 meters high altitude by riding EP CK05 and glued their own company name to the IMOW logo, showing their great commitment to the partnership.

Partners walked on the red carpet

Partners glued logos

Finally, the founder of IMOW Mr. He wear safety helmet and safety belt which you can buy from the IMOW, lifted by EP electric reach truck to 6 meters altitude to lighten the IMOW logo.

IMOW is officially on line now!



IMOW family

What is IMOW?

IMOW is a new business model platform, by providing one-stop industrial supplying and service, connecting manufacturer & customer & service provider all together.