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New biglift,New victory

EP has been pushing forward with its strategy of globalisation. In 2009, EP successfully acquired the famous American warehouse equipment company, BIGJOE, and set up BIGLIFT LLC, which shows EP has taken a solid step in globalisation.

After the successful acquisition, the EP board of directors has consolidated the resources of BIGJOE, introduced new professional management and combined the design abilities of the headquarters in China, strengthening and enriching the BIGJOE product range and diversifying the warehouse equipment product line.

In 2010, the new BIGLIFT seized the market with its new products, successfully developing 12 famous local distributors over the whole US as regional agents within the past six months. We are now keen to add another two or three agents so consolidate our sales and service network, realizing the explosive sales growth.

On July 2nd, the president of BIGLIFT, Mr. Dan Rosskamm, paid a visit to Hangzhou to report on his progress. The EP board held a conference which focused on the promotion of localisation in North America and the establishment of the leading moving equipment manufacturer. The new development strategy for EP has been adopted, and all the staff are confident of success.